who are we

The Techno Home website was launched in August 2019 with the aim of spreading interest in many areas of smart and mobile devices. Through our website, we will discuss many areas that benefit users of all types of devices, Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Nokia…, explanations and programs that the user of the device is ignorant of, but It is really very useful, you are in the right place, be confident.

Publication Policy Our site also has intellectual property rights, and we have the right to claim in the event that one of the sites steals our content, it will be subject to legal accountability by Google, and we wish everyone success.

Who works on the site?

Techno Home has a very small team of young people who write articles and the site management reviews them immediately to ensure exclusivity, the site is in its infancy and we will continue together.

What does the site offer to the visitor?

The Techno Home website provides a lot of very important information for smartphones and mobiles, and we are interested in the whole world of technology, so you will find on our Techno Home website exclusive information in the world of technology.

The launch of the Techno Home website came to solve many problems in the world of smart devices, where there is a very large percentage of users who suffer from many problems in their devices, so we, Techno Home, created the website to spread the benefit by a staff specialized in solving the problems of all devices, God willing. .

How to contact the site administration

We have a special email to communicate with the management of the Techno Home website, as well as a phone number:

Contact email:


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